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Skin problems are usually an issue of diet. The real challenge is finding out what exactly is causing those problems. Have you considered switching to a canned or freeze dried dog food? Not only are canned and freeze dried foods usually a bit higher quality, but they have WAY fewer ingredients than dry kibble. Switching to a canned food might make it easier to narrow down which ingredients could be causing problems.

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If you really want to roll up your sleeves, you can even try switching to a raw food diet or making your own kibble at home. Adding some of the new food for about a week, slowly adding more, seems to be a good timeframe. This will reduce any stomach upset and digestive issues. Best of luck and if you have any other questions just shout them out!

Thank you for you response! We do like the product, and changed over to the grain free formula about 2 weeks ago. My understanding is it can take up to 3 months for him to see any real benefit from the grain free formula, but I am nervous as he has been very uncomfortable. Her is currently medicated right but, which has helped.

But the last time he went off the meds, the issue returned. So I am trying to get a plan in place now before this reoccurs. Sorry for the confusion! Thanks for letting us know. For years I have battled stomach problems with my male Rott Bullmastiff mix. I tried numerous brands and formulas and they all caused problems.

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This also led to him being a tad underweight. I tried the salmon and potato formula about a year and a half ago and we stopped having problems all together! I love this food and strongly recommend it to my friends. And viola! I real doggy emerged! So thankful! Then this! Thank you! What have I changed? This food has not only saved my bank account, but it has improved my animals health, fur and even saved my Male cat who gets sick on all other foods.

Also it does not bother me what so ever that Diamond is the manufacture of this food, My father in law has been using Diamond on his AKC Registered Beagles that are fro champion blood lines for many many many years, and has never had a single problem with it. What about the canned?

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I use Blue dry but put in some of the 4 Health canned for my two dogs. I also just bought the 4 Health Dental Treats. My Fur babies have been eating 4health and seem to love it. My problem is that my one baby was just diagnosed with osteosarcoma so I have been label reading like crazy and I have found that 4health has just as much if not more carbs as protein. Is there any one food that has less of the bad carbs then another in 4Health? My 2 beagles have been on this dog food for 6 years now.

They have no problems with it and my male beagle has a sensitive stomach and he loves this food. We have tried all the flavors of the grain free and they seem to like the beef the best. We rescued a treeing walker 3 years ago and she also loves this food. I will not change my furchildren away from this food. I am so happy I found it , researched it and tried it for my furchildren. They were on Pro plan when we switched them. They are far more satisfied on 4 Health then pro plan. This is a great dog food and I tell everyone about it when asked what food I would recommend.

Thank you. After 15yrs of use, a few dogs experience dry skin. Added liquid Omega 3 weight appropriate , coconut or your choice of oil will remedy that. I absolutely love the 4 Health Brand. Both had coat issues and allergies and when I put them on 4 Health both greatly improved!! We have a new ACD puppy now. When we got her she was on a grocery store brand of wet puppy food and having horrible loose bowel problems. Within 3 days of feeding the 4 Health canned puppy food her over all coat and condition looked better.

Not to mention a lot better bowel function!! I recommend it for any dog! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bison 6.

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